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The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents, Early Adopters:  The Next Millionaires

By Charles E. Marunde

Virtual real estate agents will work more efficiently, less hours (maybe only 4 hours a day on core work), and generate more income with entirely new business models and technology using the Internet. They will focus on their clients' needs and their business tools will give their clients extraordinary personal customer service. These agents seek first and foremost a lifestyle that brings a deep sense of satisfaction. Money isn't their God, but having a smart business model and working hard will produce wealth. They will live more fulfilled lives, work with greater passion, cultivate rich relationships with their children and spouses and friends. They will enjoy recreation in nature as it was meant to be, and they will laugh harder and more often. Their lives will have meaning, and their children will grow up with a solid foundation, good values, strong character, and well prepared for life.

This is the contrast between the traditional and the new. Who wants to live in the past when such a compelling vision of the future is not only possible, but is actually practiced today by a small number of real estate agents around the country. These agents are ahead of their time. These are the agents who will become the top producers and millionaires of this decade.

The hard copy will be available on soon, but you can download the eBook version right now for $9.95.

Buying & Selling Real Estate in the Rain Shadow

By Charles E. Marunde

Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Rain Shadow is authored by real estate attorney (ret.) and real estate broker Chuck Marunde.  This 310 page book covers real estate issues in Sequim and Port Angeles in great detail, but if your buying or selling real estate anywhere in the U.S., you will find this book extremely helpful. Chuck is clearly enthusiastic about his second book as he explained, “This book takes 30 years of experience in real estate and gets into the most important issues for buyers and sellers in this crazy market. This book shares the truth about what techniques are selling homes today (old marketing vs. new more powerful methods), and how buyers are finding and buying their Sequim homes today.”

“I talk about what buyers really want, and this is critical, because any homeowner who intends to sell his or her home must connect with a buyer, or the home sits on the market as some have for over 1,300 days. There are some advertising methods that no longer work very well, and there is an entirely new world on the Internet that has empowered buyers like never before.”

Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Rain Shadow in the paperback version is available on, but you can download it in the eBook version right now for $9.95.

God's Perspective on Success

By Charles E. Marunde

What is God's definition of success? We are bombarded with worldly definitions of success, but what is God's perspective on money and success, and how do we as Christians have success in this life? This is not a common book, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find real and practical spiritual answers to life's core questions on how to be the greatest success as a Christian as God desires and intends for you.

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