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The mission of Sakal Publishing is to help aspiring writers, businesses, and non-profit organizations get published as quickly and affordably as possible using technology and the Internet.  But we also can help experienced writers substantially increase their profit margin compared to traditional book publishers.

We help clients organize the subject matter, get the book written, formatted properly for publishing, edited, printed, marketed, and distributed.  We won't write your book for you, but we will help you get from today (and the desire you've had to publish your own book for years) to a final published paperback book.

You could figure this all out on your own, if you have the time, and if you already have a strong foundation in writing, grammar, software, technology, and the Internet.  You could spend months talking and emailing with various publishers, agents, and print-on-demand services, trying to distinguish their services and pricing, and you could do the "trial and error" thing and spend a lot of money, time, and stress getting through all the nonsense (which will take about a year), or you could let one who has already done all that become your guide to publishing your first, second, and third books.

You know the saying, "The first one is the hardest," and that is so true when it comes to writing and publishing your first book.

Chuck Marunde is an accomplished author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and hundreds of blog articles, which are syndicated around the country.  Chuck recently launched Sakal Publishing to publish his own book, Success and Eternity, which is available through Amazon in paperback, or through this site in paperback, eBook, or audio versions.  For anyone who would like to judge Chuck's credibility in all phases and details of writing, editing, formating, and publishing a book, it is recommended that you spend $19.95 to review Chuck's paperback for yourself.  You will be credited the price of the book should you retain our services.  I'm not trying to use this venue to sell you my book, but I am trying to help you get past your roadblocks and finally get something done.  Don't read my book if you don't want to, but if you don't start the process of moving forward with your own book idea, what will you do?  What you've done for the past five years?  The past 10 years?  The past 20 years?  And still, no book.  It's time to take action

Books are a great way to leave a legacy for generations.  What legacy will you leave?  May we suggest that publishing a book may be the best way to get your message broadcast now and for years after you are gone?  Email Chuck Marunde to start the process.